Best Fund House - Domestic Equity

The winner of Morningstar Awards 2023 Best Fund House - Domestic Equity is TISCO Asset Management Company Limited.

Morningstar 22/03/2566
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Let’s get to know more about TISCO Asset Management through our short interview with the winner.

Could you share with us about which factor(s) do you think that contribute to your firm achievement as Best Domestic Equity House for the second consecutive year?

Factors that contribute for our achievement as Best Domestic Equity House for the second consecutive year are mainly our investment principals. Our investment principals are to focus our investment decisions with fundamental analysis on the long-term investment outlook under a stringent risk management to balance with the investment return. We also ensure our risk management mindset and our process to be fully complied with best investment practices. Under highly volatile investment environments, we continuously develop investment models and tools to help our investment team to efficiently implement our investment strategy.

What do you think sets your firm apart from a cultural standpoint?

TISCO adheres to operate business with the best practice in risk management, sustainability, and development of personnel. Given our strong corporate culture, TISCO ASSET applies our corporate culture in our investment philosophy in our analysis, investment decisions and proper risk management and responsible investment approach to achieve our investment target to provide the best investment return with appropriate risk.

What is your outlook for the Thailand economy in 2023? How would it affect your investment strategy?

In 2023, Thailand still faces with multiple risk factors in geopolitics, global economic slowdown, recession risk, high inflation, higher manufacturing and financial cost. Thailand economy will have headwinds not only in manufacturing sector especially slowing down in exports, but also and political risk from the upcoming general election. Nevertheless, Thailand is expected to be better recovered from the reopen the country throughout this whole year, especially in the tourism sector which should later contribute to the domestic consumption and service sector. This would help boosting our economy to grow in a faster pace compared to the last couple of years. As a result, we expect that Thailand stock market will continue to gain interest from investors. However, uncertainties in geopolitics and global economic remain high, we are cautiously monitoring the situation and will review our investment strategy accordingly throughout the remaining year.

What is your firm’s approach towards sustainable investing? How does it affect investment strategy and investment return?

TISCO ASSET make a full commitment towards sustainability and incorporate ESG as part of investment analysis and decision to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. ESG factors are intrinsic to our investment objectives, which involves identifying environmental, social, and governance information that have materiality for our investment process and continue to review and revise ESG factors on an ongoing basis. Our ESG process aims to not only generate a sustainable return with positive social contribution but also mitigate risk from negative impacts under our portfolio management.

How would you recommend investors to invest in Thai equity funds this year?

Uncertainties in both global economy and geopolitics make this year again a challenging year for Thai investors in every asset class. Thailand is inevitably a part of global uncertainties, but we remain to expect that our economy will continue to recover from the previous year. This will help improve our economic growth outlook and regain interest for the foreign fund flow. We, therefore, expect that Thai stock market would generate a moderate return. However, with investment uncertainties and opportunities, Thai investors should be prepared and continuously review an investment strategy in the remaining year.

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